string_char_traits or char_traits

Valignat Cedric
Mon Jan 29 07:15:00 GMT 2001

Phil Edwards wrote:
> If you must use 2.95.2, you have a few choices, including using STLport to
> override the headers which come with the old libstdc++-v2, or downloading
> one of the pre-2.91 snapshots of libstdc++-v3.  If you are not restrained
> to using GCC 2.95.2, then one of the recent compiler snapshots will include
> the new ISO-compliant library.

Sorry i forgot to give some platform information :

   - GNU/Linux RedHat 7.0 system with
   - GCC and libstdc++ 2.96

I was interested to use the GCC headers intead of the STLPort, because i 
would like to use gcc with -Wall and it give me a lot of annoying warnings
on the STLPort code which do not appear with the libstdc++, which look like
to be a LOT cleanner ;-)

I would like to be able the default GCC version present on various GNU/Linux
distribution wich are using GCC 2.xx, so i'm going to use Artem Khodush's
suggestion, who told me to rewrite my code as follow to use the default
template arguments for char_traits and allocator and make my code
working with any version of libstdc++ :

   template  <class T> static void NL3DcomputeString (CFontManager *fm,
	 const std::basic_string<T> &s, [...])

Thanks a lot for the help,


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