PATCH: V3 configury, again

Alexandre Oliva
Wed Jan 24 12:04:00 GMT 2001

On Jan 24, 2001, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:

> I actually think my changes are pretty clean, but obviously if you can
> do better that's terrific!

Here's my patch.  It actually fixes a bug in libtool's TAG handling.
Formerly, we could have both kinds of libraries disabled, which is
obviously not a good idea.  This patch makes sure we have at least one
kind of library enabled.

>   --enable-shared

> Then you really meant:

>   --enable-shared --disable-static

That's actually because of a limitation in libtool.  We still don't
know how to handle the case of having both the shared and the static
library sharing the same name.  This also used to show up on
MS-Windows, with the .a archives that were created with wrapper
symbols for symbols in a DLL.

So we've been punting at it an disabling the construction of static
libraries on AIX, by default.  We might well have both a dynamic
object *and* a collection of object files in a single archive, and
choose whether to use dynamic or static linking by means of
command-line flags.  Unless I misunderstood everything David explained
to me last time we've gone over this issue. :-)

Enough rambling.  Here's the patch that brings AIX 4.3 into the shared
libstdc++-v3 land.

Thanks for the assistance, and sorry about not having reacted to this
issue a long while ago.  I had completely forgotten about it :-(

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