Please help me : libstdc++-v3 doesn't compile with GCC-2.95.2on Sparc-Solaris 2.6

Maurizio Loreti
Fri Jan 19 00:36:00 GMT 2001

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Phil Edwards wrote:

> I assume you meant to type 2001 there.  In any case, we hope to have it
> finished within the next three months.

No, I mean exactly 2000.

> > gzip -dc /usr/archive/dist/gcc-20010115.tar.gz | tar xof -
> There was a bug introduced before the 15th of this month.  The snapshot
> created on the 15th contained that bug.  The bug has since been fixed.

What do you mean here?  "Download a CVS snapshot; make bootstrap; make
check; if (errors) wait [unspecified period of time], reload and repeat"?

> The bug affected i686 targets, and it looks like that's what you are using.
> You can either use your current setup and specify an i586 target when you
> configure, or just use current CVS.
> Since libstdc++-v3 is part of the g++ sources now, you might try just
> using current CVS (or a snapshot), and using the library sources that
> come with it.  They will be more recent than the 2.90.8 library snapshot.

I assume you misspelled "2.91".

> Simply configure with --enable-libstdcxx-v3, and you will get the new
> library.  Also, flags like -fhonor-std will be on by default, so you don't
> need to set them yourself.

Well, what about modifying you web page?  Say something as:

"libstdc++ 2.91 may be used with a CVS snapshot from 18-Jan-2001 12:34 to
19-Jan-2001 01:23".


"The CVS snapshot of 17-Jan-2001 at 09.30 contains a version of libstdc++
that passes the tests."

If I follow YOUR instructions and I do not get what you promises, don't
blame ME for having used a buggy snapshot.

Maurizio Loreti               
Univ. of Padova, Dept. of Physics - Padova, Italy  

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