stdio synching and startup code (was Re: segfaults after loading shared libstdc++)

Jason Merrill
Sun Jan 14 11:52:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Artem" == Artem Khodush <> writes:

> Predefined streams constructors are now called from
> basic_ios::Init::Init() is called from every user file that includes
> <iostream>.  There is no way to ensure that they will always be called in
> a particular order, so when someone somehow manages to build a program
> that calls basic_ios::Init::Init before the cin constructor, that
> constructor (cin(NULL)) will screw things up. The only way to (portably)
> cope with this is to make sure that all predefined streams constructors
> are really no-ops (which was proposed by the guy who reported this bug).

Agreed.  This is the point of Init.

And, BTW, of init_priority--which we might want to use on platforms that
support it, to avoid the overhead of imposing static constructors on all
object files that use iostream.


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