PATCH: for Serious v3 shared library bug

Phil Edwards
Tue Jan 2 17:30:00 GMT 2001

[gcc-patches snipped since I'm not addressing the patch itself]

On this issue of file descriptors:

On Tue, Jan 02, 2001 at 06:45:04PM -0600, Loren James Rittle wrote:
> In article < >, I wrote:
> I accidentally tested libstdc++-v3 with only those tests that had been
> failing not the full suite (as I know to do).  A full bootstrap and
> test cycle has just revealed that this test now fails (since stdX and
> cX are using different underlying file descriptors with the first
> version of the patch):
> 27_io/
> If the special case logic that I mentioned is implemented, then this
> failure should be resolved.  I will post that patch after I fully test
> it but I wanted to alert everyone of my mistake ASAP.

This things feels like a schroedinbug!

A few weeks ago I started investigating that exact test; see my message on
(I think) the 22nd about sync_with_stdio().  That non-standard __sys_open is
proving to be both our friend and enemy in the implemented-using-stdio case.
And tracing things that happen before main isn't working for me in gdb,
so there's too much guesswork involved.

I had changed sync_with_stdio() to behave more like ios_base::Init::Init():
save a pointer to the old filebuf, construct a new one using the non-std
fd-passing ctor, destroy the old filebuf.  But the descriptors kept
getting closed because (under solaris) the stdio implementation is used.
Variations on this theme don't help.

Now I have a new Linux system, and not a single C++ program will run.  Ha.
So I haven't gotten back to the Solaris system yet.

This brings two questions to my mind.  Forgive me if I'm being stupid;
I haven't gotten enough sleep.

1)  How does ios_base::Init::Init() get away with calling __old->~streambuf()
to dispose of buffers, where doing the same thing during sync_with_stdio()
closes the descriptors?

2)  If we treat file descriptors 0/1/2 specially -- as we are in
ios_base::Init::Init() and sync_with_stdio() -- then are we /really/
using a separate buffer after de-synch'ing from stdio?


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