Thumbs up or thumbs down: stl_config.h ?

Benjamin Kosnik
Fri Feb 16 13:10:00 GMT 2001

> If we're going to have the CPLUSPLUS_CPP_SPEC use '-include c++config.h'
> can we consider axing bits/stl_config.h?  It has lots of stuff for other
> platforms which cpplib is just going to waste time removing.  It splits
> configuration between two files.  And there's at least one PR due to
> stl_config.h not being picked up anymore, resulting in unexpanded macros
> arriving in the parser.

yes! please do this. You can take the _GNU_ bits and add them to 
inclue/bits/c++config.h to start with, and substitue c++config.h insted 
of stl_config

eventually we want to remove the uncesessary code from the STL itself. I 
think Matt is doing this anyway, so I don't want to duplicate efforts.



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