libstdc++-v3 won't build on IRIX 5.2

Alexandre Oliva
Sun Feb 11 10:40:00 GMT 2001

On Feb  7, 2001, Benjamin Kosnik <> wrote:

>> Should I leave config/irix/bits as-is, or move it to
>> config/irix/irix6.5/bits?

> make 

> config/irix/irix6.5
> config/irix/pre-irix6.5

Ok, here's the patch.  Tested (an earlier version of this patch,
before moving irix/bits to irix/irix6.5/bits) on IRIX 5.2 (up to the
point in which GCC crashes while building libstdc++-v3, for unrelated
reasons) and 6.3.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to IRIX 6.5 to
make sure I haven't broken anything.  I have omitted from the patch
the moving and copying of files, having only included the differences.
Ok to install?

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