PATCH: Recent conversion to explicit instantiation model broke

benjamin kosnik bkoz@localhost.localdomain
Thu Feb 8 12:36:00 GMT 2001

From: Benjamin Kosnik <>
X-Organization: Red Hat/Lower Haight <San Francisco, CA, USA>.
Return-Path: <>
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Hey Loren. 

I've checked in a modified version of this patch that I think will
work, can you try it?

001-02-07  Loren J. Rittle  <>

        * src/ (fill_n): Instantiate with size_t arguments.

    fill_n<locale::facet**, size_t, locale::facet*>
    (locale::facet**, size_t, locale::facet* const&);

    __normal_iterator<locale::facet**, vector<locale::facet*> >
    fill_n(__normal_iterator<locale::facet**, vector<locale::facet*> >,
       size_t, locale::facet* const&);

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