moving lib<foo> into GCC FTP site

Phil Edwards
Wed Feb 7 12:31:00 GMT 2001

Gerald and I have been discussing PR 1024 (summary, the libstdc++ snapshots
are still localized to and have an idea.

The language support libraries need to be moved into the /pub/gcc FTP
area somewhere.  Right now it's hard for libstdc++ (and libjava too, I
imagine) to point users to the list of GCC mirrors, because all those
links refer directly to /pub/gcc.  We would have to say, "Go here, and then
choose a mirror, and then go there, and then go up a directory, and then
go to libstdc++, and *then* you'll see the library."

To avoid that, we've been pointing to directly, which
is a bad idea for a unified project.

So we're thinking to make library directories under the snapshots directory:

    ->  libchill/
    ->  libjava/
    ->  libstdc++/
    ->  libwhatever/

and then each library project puts its own snapshots in their directories.
Alternatively, those directories could be put alongside the "releases"
and "snapshots" directories, possibly in their own "libraries" directory,
etc, etc.  A plethora -- a veritable cornucopia! -- of possibilities.

Then all library subprojects can point to
and say, "It's there, go get it."


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