Moving the libstdc++ lists

Gerald Pfeifer
Fri Nov 17 16:47:00 GMT 2000

On Fri, 17 Nov 2000, Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
> Note that the java group has pretty much requested the same kind of
> infrastructure. I don't think this is especially hard to implement,
> and it will make the developers in question much happier.

Which is a good thing, per se.

Sooo, based on replies by Benjamin, Phil, Joe, Mark M., and Gabriel,
the consensus seem to be:

 o Move to and
   move to

 o The GCC GNATS database will be used for all new PRs.

 o All bootstrap failure reports etc. have to be sent to gcc-bugs (as
   well as possible other lists).

 o All patches going into the GCC repository (which includes all patches
   going into libstdc++-v3) have to be sent to gcc-patches (as well as
   possible other lists).

Unless there are objections, I'll take care of this (by updating
documentation and asking the root folks to adjust the mailserver setup)
early next week.

Gerald "Jerry"

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