Patch to use CXX_libstdcxx breaks V3

Alexandre Oliva
Mon Nov 6 17:40:00 GMT 2000

On Nov  5, 2000, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:

> 	  * acinclude.m4 (CXX): Prevent it from being cached.
> 	  * aclocal.m4, configure, */ Rebuilt.

> This patch will break the V3 build on any platform without g++ already
> installed, as far as I can see.

Ouch!  I'm surprised; it did work for me :-(

> The problem is that AC_CHECK_PROGS doesn't deal well with absolute
> paths.


> I think that adding:

>   CXX_libstdcxx=$CXX

> right before AC_CHECK_PROGS should fix it; I'm going to try that.

This will do The Right Thing (TM), indeed.  Thanks for fixing it.

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