AIX mkcheck failures

David Edelsohn
Mon Nov 6 10:24:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> Phil Edwards writes:

Phil> In the meantime, you might try passing -fsquangle as one of the flags to
Phil> use when compiling libgcc and all of the v3 ones.  (What I usually did on
Phil> older Suns where I couldn't install GNU as was to turn the -fsquangle flag
Phil> on by default in the sources of the compiler (gcc/cp/decl2.c, probably) and
Phil> then everything would automatically used the compressed mangling algorithm.
Phil> Worked like a charm.)

Phil> I've heard things that lead me to think that squangling will not be
Phil> the method used in the new ABI (maybe a third method), but I'm not an
Phil> authority there.

	Yes, -fsquangle and -fnew-abi did come to mind as solutions /
workarounds.  I would like to know what GCC confiugration options to use
and have everyone consistently use the same configuration so that we can
have consistent testing.


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