[PATCH] Revised BeOS libstdc++ patch

Jason Merrill jason@redhat.com
Fri Nov 24 07:49:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Berlin <dberlin@cygnus.com> writes:

> Here's the real patch I meant to submit, including rth's suggested use of 
> making _Atomic_swap i386 specific, rather than BeOS specific.

> Really, it should be in atomicity.h, but that's not my call.

I strongly agree.  I find the STL headers to be far too #ifdef-heavy
for my taste; I much prefer the GCC approach to portability.

But you also seem to be introducing platform #ifdef-ery into files
that aren't already (so) polluted: _G_config.h and gen-num-limits.cc.
Is there a reason those changes can't use stuff defined in one of the
config files?


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