this patch still not apply

Gabriel Dos Reis
Thu Nov 16 21:27:00 GMT 2000

Levente Farkas <> writes:

| hi,
| this patch still not apply:

        * include/bits/std_bitset.h (_M_do_find_first): Define as inline
        function, since this function is fully specialized and in header
        file. This function should have to be a __STL_TEMPLATE_NULL but
        there is a gcc bug, so I put it into a comment.
        (_M_do_find_next): Same.

The ChangLog entry is inaccurate althought the patch is technically
correct: the definition of the member function
_Base_bitset<1>::_M_do_find_first() is not a specialization.  It is a
definition of a member function of a class template specialization, or
in English it is not an explicit specialization.  So there is no bug
in GCC in that respect.  Is the followiing entry OK with you?

        * include/bits/std_bitset.h (_M_do_find_first): Define as inline
        function.  Remove __STL_TEMPLATE_NULL since this definition is
        not a specialization. 
        (_M_do_find_next): Likewise.

-- Gaby
CodeSourcery, LLC             

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