docs for the upcoming snapshot

Phil Edwards
Wed Nov 15 15:13:00 GMT 2000

I'm updating our docs for the snapshot, and have been treating the
wwwdocs edition as the master copy, thinking that on Friday we can
check out wwwdocs/htdocs/libstdc++ and move it into the distributed
gcc/libstdc++-v3/docs.  Some questions come to mind:

1)  Are we calling the snapshot 2.91 as suggested?  I like it.

2)  What's the fate of --enable-libgcc-rebuild?  We haven't needed it since
    the merge, but it's still present-but-commented, and documented as such.
    I'm all for ripping it out if we can't forsee any possible use for it
    anymore, even with "funky ABI-breaking" flags.

3)  I don't suppose the mailing lists could be moved to in
    the next 48 hours.  :-)

Benjamin, I'll try and be done with my changes by tomorrow evening, so
that you can bring status.html up to date.  (I've already made content
and behind-the-scenes HTML changes to that file, necessary for wwwdocs.)
Will that be enough time?


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