Doxygen (was Re: Proposed man pages: <vector> sample, RFC)

Benjamin Kosnik
Tue Nov 14 10:28:00 GMT 2000



> > Also, is there
> > anyway you could provide an example image for either or both of the
> > graphs?
> Check the attached files.  Note that this is from 2.90.8 snapshot, and that I
> didn't add _any_ code documentation in the form of javadoc/QT comments so the
> only thing that's meaningful are the graphs.

Wow. That's definitely the kind of stuff I'd like to see. Please, let's 
figure out a way to use this tool.

> You mean that the Fridayish release is 2.91, or that 2.91 won't compile under
> gcc 2.95.2, but a future one called 2.91 will?  (I'm a little slow...)

Friday's release, 2.91, will hopefully compile under 2.95.2. I'll 
double-check on that later today.


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