Phil Edwards pedwards@disaster.jaj.com
Wed Nov 1 14:21:00 GMT 2000

I wasn't going to bring this up for another week, but trying to fix the
getchar macro/decl collision is bringing this to a head.

We all know that the __cplusplus macro must be defined.  But ISO C++
requires that it have a value of 199711L (with the idea that future
standards use a later date, ergo a higher value; nothing new there).

Currently we just #define it, with no explicit value.  So it defaults
to 1.  This probably doesn't affect GNU systems, which are written to be
more-or-less standard in the first place.  But...

I changed the preprocessor to define __cplusplus to 199711L (it's a
two-line patch).  Life under Solaris went to hell in a padded handbasket.
The system include files are /crammed/ with constructs like this:

    #if __cplusplus >= 199711L
    namespace std {

    void a_standard_C++_function();

    #if __cplusplus >= 199711L

and C wrapper headers like

    #include <iso/stdio_iso.h>
    // contents of that header look like the previous example
    #if __cplusplus >= 199711L
    using std::FILE;
    using std::size_t;
    using std::printf;
    etc etc etc

This meant all kinds of ambiguity due to the using declarations suddenly
having an effect.  So I stopped looking at __cplusplus at the time.

For the getchar mess, the system header has

    #if __cplusplus >= 199711L
    namespace std {
        inline int getchar() { return getc(stdin); }
        inline int putchar(int _x) { return putc(_x, stdout); }
    #define getchar()   getc(stdin)
    #define putchar(x)  putc((x), stdout)
    #endif /* __cplusplus >= 199711L */

Adding the line "#undef getchar" to include/c/bits/std_cstdio.h results in

    [srcdir]/include/c/bits/std_cstdio.h:80: parse error before '--' token
    [srcdir]/include/c/bits/std_cstdio.h:83: parse error before '--' token
    [srcdir]/include/c/bits/std_cstdio.h:84: parse error before '--' token
    [srcdir]/include/c/bits/std_cstdio.h:94: parse error before "void"
    [srcdir]/include/c/bits/std_cstdio.h:95: parse error before '*' token
    [srcdir]/include/c/bits/std_cstdio.h:96: parse error before '*' token

(I have no idea what '--' it's talking about, but I haven't looked further.)

So, sometimes I feel that specifying the correct, ISO-mandated value for
__cplusplus now might help us.  But it might also cause a huge setback on
some systems.  It's going to be required eventually, but whether it should
push GCC 3.0 back even more...


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