Some shadow fixes.

Benjamin Kosnik
Wed May 31 17:18:00 GMT 2000

I'm going to ignore the formatting inconsistencies in the shadow headers 
I've looked at so far. Yuck.

> 2000-05-25 Steven King <>
> 	* shadow/time.h: fix typo
> 	* shadow/wchar.h: ifdef __USE_GNU for wcsdup
> 	* shadow/bits/std_cwchar.h: ditto
> 	* shadow/bits/std_cstdlib.h: add overloads of abs and div for long
> 	and long long.

In, with the following changes:

- ENABLE_LONG_LONG needs to check for llabs, lldiv before using them.

- llabs/lldiv bits

      using ::std::llabs;
      using ::std::lldiv;

Also note that:

    // extern "C" funs declared void f(int (*)()) overload OK with C++ funs,
    //  but not if declared void f(int (*)(void)).

Has been fixed (precise naming for macros, anyone??) recently:

(Testing for bugs like this should be done by autoconf.)


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