C++ err msgs [ was Re: building libstdc++-v3 from the 20000105 snapshot dies with multiple def errors. ]

Gabriel Dos Reis gdr@codesourcery.com
Wed May 10 16:01:00 GMT 2000

Michel Decima <decima@cybercable.fr> writes:

| >Hi,
| >  I know this one is probably off topic a bit, but Benjamins mail which
| >included the library build errors reminded me of something.
| >Is there any way to make the errors which appear after misusing parts of
| >the library (especially some of the template classes) more friendly?  New
| >users run a mile when they get a single error message half a page
| >long.....
| off topic or not, I think it is an interesting feature for new users. I am
| not a new one (not very old too ;) but sometimes I would like to have 
| error 
| message with my own typedefs.

I think there is a general agreement that diagnostic messages should
be formatted nicer.  I just don't see any agreement on what they
should like.

-- Gaby
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