abs(int) missing

Benjamin Kosnik bkoz@redhat.com
Fri Aug 18 09:16:00 GMT 2000

>    If you do the above and try to compile a real program you will probably run
> into problems with <new>, the one that gets installed isnt compliant;  I have
> some patches for this and some other things but that will have to wait until
> monday.

Hmm. I'm sorry I've kind of dropped the ball on this, but I think your 
patches to the gcc subdir are valid too. I'm still waiting for 
clarification from Ulrich, but I think

long double l = 3.36210314311209350626e-4932L

style in float-i386.h seems correct. I too, do not understand what 
"hexadecimal floating point" means in relation to this file, but the c++ 
compiler definitely handles this kind of stuff. 

Since you seem to be on the ball WRT shadow headers, (and I don't want to 
deal with this stuff) can you please post 
a patch with Brent's bit and your bits at some point? (I understand if 
it's monday.)

Note that currently src/shadow and bld/cshadow headers are uninstalled. 
For the time being, we can probably just copy them to the 
header like the rest of the c++ headers, although I think making 
(prefix)/include/cshadow is probably a better solution.


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