Richard B. Kreckel
Wed Aug 30 06:16:00 GMT 2000

Hi all,

I posted this a while ago on gcc-bugs but nobody has answered and it's a
libstdc++ issue anyways.  So, here it is again: I noticed that in recent
GCC snapshots if you include some standard header files that are a priori
unrelated to exceptions, you run into trouble when compiling with
-fno-exceptions.  For instance, there seems to be the include chain
<iostream> --> <bits/std_iostream.h> --> <bits/std_ostream.h> -->
<bits/std_ios.h> --> <bits/localefwd.h> and the last one has some trys and
catches, requiring -fno-exceptions to be removed from the options. 

I am not 100% certain but I would regard this a bug.  Since localefwd.h
looks unfinished to me it may well be a temporary problem.  Is anybody
aware of this and will this be changed at a later stage? 


PS: Thanks Benjamin, for applying the `unused' -> `__unused__' patch in
    config/cpu/*.  Unfortunately you missed two occurences: one in
    i386/bits/atomicity.h and one in i486/bits/atomicity.h.
Richard B. Kreckel
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