libstdc++-v3/std_cstddef.h's #include_next x libg++

Benjamin Kosnik
Wed Aug 9 00:49:00 GMT 2000

> #include_next <stddef.h>
> Since the preprocessor apparently only searches for stddef.h in
> directories that appear in the search list after the one in which it
> found the current header, it fails.

Did the pre-processor's behavior WRT #include_next change recently? I'm 
also noticing broken/weird behavior, but relating to the 
--enable-cshadow-header stuff. 

Then again, this could be something completely different, relating to 
changes in the shadow-headers script...


The libstdc++-v3 header files are constructed in a more-funky-than-usual 
way because of an attempt (currently broken) to squester the C bits into 
some kind sanity for C++.

Background details can be found on Nathan's web page:

> output by libstdc++-v3's
> mkcheck in `-isystem' (so they'd always be searched before directories
> introduced by -B)?  

Hmm. Does your problem manifest itself without trying to build libg++, ie 
when running libstdc++-v3's 'mkcheck' script, which is run via 'make 
check-target-libstdc++-v3' ??

I'm a bit confused as to what your exact problem is: can you provide a 
bit more detail please?

> Maybe std_cstddef.h shouldn't be using
> #include_next to include a header with a different name?  

Hmm. Dunno. . . At some point, Nathan (or somebody) needs to get 
--enable-cshadow-headers working again. That way the #include_next stuff 
will actually be useful again.....


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