more on the FAQ tip

Benjamin Kosnik
Tue Jun 1 12:43:00 GMT 1999

> I like Benjamin's random thought.  I've been thinking of a set of HTML files
> arranged like this (which would then generate text, etc):
>         - the FAQ itself (we'll come back to this)
>         - HOWTOs and notes on library chapter 17
>         - HOWTOs and notes on library chapter 18
>           ...
>         - HOWTOs and notes on library chapter 27

Seems like the most sane approach nominated so far. I'm in favor of this

> I've started a small list of entries for the HOWTO on the string chapter.
> This MFC note, the "how do I make a case-insensitive string class" from the
> GotW, idioms like "how do I convert a string to {upper,lower}case," etc.
> Any ideas?

I think this is a great idea, especially including the GotW pointers. So then
this stuff would be filed under the 21 directory, or

or whatever?

Hmm. Cool. This could eventually build up to a nice extensible resource.

> There are a few HTML comments in the doc, in places where I'm not certain
> that I have the Right Thing in place.  I'm sure that a few of the answers
> are factually wrong, so please point them out to me once the new revision
> appears.


> Phil
> (still having to specify the repository root with each checkout, contrary to
> what the V3 homepage seems to say)

  Hmm. Respond to me via private email if you are still having this problem,
with details on how you checked it out, and what your CVSROOT is, etc etc.


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