C standard, wint_t, and stddef.h

Mark E. snowball3@usa.net
Thu Feb 11 20:54:00 GMT 1999

> Why?
Because DJGPP has in stddef.h what the standard says should be, 
and the standard references I have don't mention wint_t being in 

>If some port has its own
> stddef.h version and currently misses these definitions its something
> which should be corrected in these stddef.h copies and not some perfectly
> correct code.

Yes, DJGPP does use its own libc. So do a few others that use gcc. 
According to section 7.17 of the C9x F.C.D. describing the contents of 
stddef.h, wint_t isn't listed as being required to be defined there. When 
it does, we'll add it. So our stddef.h, according to the C9X FCD, is 
correct and isn't broken. The fact that GNU's libc has wint_t in its 
stddef.h is nice, but I don't think you should be relying upon it being 
there, especially when no mention is made of it in the standard.

Please reconsider.


Mark Elbrecht snowball3@usa.net

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