libstdc++-2.90.6 fails to build

Benjamin Kosnik
Tue Aug 17 13:35:00 GMT 1999

> Environment: RH 5.2 with Cygnus GNU Pro tools for Linux - redhat-980810

Can you try with gcc-2_95 please? See for info about
d/ling it.

> I poked around in the CVS tree looking at the Makefiles in (buildroot) and 
> buildroot/src, but am stumped.  I can't figure out how is 
> constructed - looks like it went in in buildroot/ 1.7 & 1.8 and 
> disappeared in 1.9.  Is this possible or am I (a) stupid or (b) overwhelmed by 
> the complexity of libtool and friends?

mknumeric_limits is your friend. . . . this actually generates the limits
info, including this file.


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