Ryszard Kabatek
Tue Aug 18 01:27:00 GMT 1998

The libstdc++-v3 implementation of the standard exception 
classes <stdexcept> differs from the previous release. 
Now the what_arg is stored in a character array, no more in a string object.
This is the implementation from SGI's STL. 

The SGI's string class does not use a reference counting, 
but the libstdc++ does. For this reason the old implementation, 
with a string, should be better for v3.

BTW. 1. The string class contains a member function:
          const allocator_type& get_allocator() const;
        But CD2 says:
          allocator_type get_allocator() const;

     2. The string class does not have the push_back member function.

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