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Sat Jun 1 07:27:00 GMT 2019

Author: iains
Date: Sat Jun  1 07:27:19 2019
New Revision: 271833

URL: https://gcc.gnu.org/viewcvs?rev=271833&root=gcc&view=rev
Darwin, backport fix for powerpc-darwin long double symbol exports.

During 8.x, the rs6000 target-specific mangling was reorganised which uncovered
a long-standing bug in Darwin’s mangling for ‘IBM’ long double. Now the symbols
are correctly mangled, and we end up with a bunch of test link fails.

This patch adds the necessary subset of the Linux long double exports to Darwin’s
export table.

2019-06-01   Iain Sandoe  <iain@sandoe.co.uk>

	Backport from mainline
	2018-12-22 Iain Sandoe <iain@sandoe.co.uk>

	* /config/os/bsd/darwin/ppc-extra.ver: Append long double symbols.


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