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redi@gcc.gnu.org redi@gcc.gnu.org
Wed Nov 28 17:07:00 GMT 2018

Author: redi
Date: Wed Nov 28 17:07:22 2018
New Revision: 266569

URL: https://gcc.gnu.org/viewcvs?rev=266569&root=gcc&view=rev
Fix undefined references in libstdc++fs.a

The recent patch for PR 83306 removed the fs_err_concat functions that
were used by the experimental::filesystem::filesystem_error class as
well. This fixes it by doing the string generation directly in
filesystem_error::_M_gen_what() instead of using the removed function.

	PR libstdc++/83306
	* src/filesystem/path.cc (filesystem_error::_M_gen_what()): Create
	string directly, instead of calling fs_err_concat.


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