Thu Jan 6 14:11:00 GMT 2000

CVSROOT:	/cvs/libstdc++
Module name:	libstdc++
Changes by:	00/01/06 14:11:10

Added files:

Log message:
	2000-01-06  Benjamin Kosnik  <>
	Break out configuration on solaris.
	* config/solaris/ Delete and move to proper version.
	* config/solaris/bits: Same.
	* config/solaris/solaris2.5: Add this directory, with subdir bits
	and file
	* config/solaris/solaris2.6: Same.
	* config/solaris/solaris2.7: Same.
	* Change paths to mkcheck.
	* Makefile: Regenerate.
	* (AC_OUTPUT_COMMANDS): Build mkcheck here.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* src/ (generated_headers): Add bits/c++config.h.
	* mkcheck: Now autogenerated by configure and renamed. . .
	* (INC_PATH): Add glue for ctype_include_dir.
	Have longer-style dates.
	Raja R Harinath  <>
	* mkcheck: Change path to #!/usr/clocal/bin/bash.
	* docs/README.html: Correct links, maybe. FAQ, install notes, and
	general documentation need to be organized around each other, not
	fight against each other. . .

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