Fwd: gcj can not import packages

Bill Chatfield via java java@gcc.gnu.org
Tue Jan 17 15:21:00 GMT 2017

OK, then I'm going to fork it to github and someday gcj is going to overtake gcc and g++. Haha. :-) Actually, I'll be lucky if I can get it to compile. My previous attempts have all failed. I can get a working gcc and g++, but gcj never succeeds for me. It takes several days to get through just one iteration of the preliminary gcc build on my PowerBook G4 before it fails. I'd probably be better off to run a cross compile on my i5 Fedora machine to get a version for my PowerBook G4. I could probably pull the old Fedora source rpm as a starting point to get the right configuration parameters. I think it's the missing gcj dependencies that always cause the failures. I've never gotten a successful compile of gcj on Windows either. I've tried using other people's configure parameters, but they're always for a different version of gcc/gcj than what I'm trying to compile and they don't work.

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On 16/01/17 17:40, Bill Chatfield via java wrote:
> Also, I feel that gcj was a great achievement on the part of the FSF 
> and the open source community. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It shows 
> the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the community.

Well, yeah, but it'd take a lot of work to maintain GCJ.  And unmaintained software is a major liability.  For anyone who needs GCJ, its old sources are not going to disappear.


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