GCJ 4.9.3 on mips64el-linux failing to build Ant.

Ricardo Wurmus rekado@elephly.net
Sat Oct 17 19:58:00 GMT 2015


I’m trying to build Ant on mips64el-linux with GCJ 4.9.3.  (I’m doing
this to bootstrap IcedTea on MIPS, which needs Ant to be built.)  This
works just fine on x86_64 and i686, but it fails with odd errors on
mips64el.  Here is the complete build output on the MIPS build machine:


The very first error is this:

    1. ERROR in /tmp/nix-build-ant-1.9.4.drv-0/apache-ant-1.9.4/src/main/org/apache/tools/bzip2/BlockSort.java (at line 121)
    QSORT_STACK_SIZE cannot be resolved to a variable

This is quite odd because QSORT_STACK_SIZE is defined on line 116 as

    private static final int QSORT_STACK_SIZE = 1000;

The following errors are all similar and complain about various other
undefined names.

GCJ is built with the latest version of ECJ published here:


We’re using the ‘javac’ wrapper template from Gentoo:


Is ECJ or GCJ known to not be functional on mips64el or must I have done
something wrong in configuring or building it on this platform?

I’d be very happy for any hints.

~~ Ricardo

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