[patch] Provide a can_compare_and_swap_p target hook.

Andrew MacLeod amacleod@redhat.com
Thu Nov 6 19:05:00 GMT 2014

On 11/06/2014 01:23 PM, Andrew Haley wrote:
> On 11/06/2014 05:57 PM, Andrew MacLeod wrote:
>> It looks like java is deciding whether or not GCC can inline atomic
>> operations or not, and if it can't, doesn't want the atomic
>> operations...   which presumably means there is no dependency on
>> libatomic at runtime.
>> A call to can_compare_and_swap_p(mode) is analogous to a compile time
>> version of folding atomic_always_lock_free(mode) to a constant...
>> Frankly that seems like a reasonable question for some front end to
>> ask...  and elect not to emit atomic calls if so desired. (which is what
>> java is doing I think)
>> whether it still needs to do that is a question for some java person.
> I did it because some targets did not have library support for some
> builtins, so a compile would fail with a (to a Java programmer)
> baffling error message.
> The Java operations certainly should use the generic builtins.
Thanks Andrew

1) Given that the compiler *always* provides support via libatomic now 
(even if it is via locks), does that mean that VMSupportsCS8_builtin() 
should always return true?

or should we map to that a call to __atomic_always_lock_free() ? (that 
always gets folded to a true or false at compile time)  my guess is the 

2) and in compareAndSwapLong_builtin(), thre is a wonky bit:

/* We don't trust flag_use_atomic_builtins for multi-word compareAndSwap.
      Some machines such as ARM have atomic libfuncs but not the multi-word
      versions.  */
   if (can_compare_and_swap_p (mode,
                                && GET_MODE_SIZE (mode) <= UNITS_PER_WORD)))
     <..> /* generate 8 byte CAS  */

I gather we dont need to do anything special here anymore either?     As 
an observation of inconsistency,
compareAndSwapObject_builtin  doesn't do that check before calling the 8 
byte CAS :

machine_mode mode = TYPE_MODE (ptr_type_node);
   if (can_compare_and_swap_p (mode, flag_use_atomic_builtins))
     tree addr, stmt;
     enum built_in_function builtin;

     UNMARSHAL5 (orig_call);
     builtin = (POINTER_SIZE == 32

     addr = build_addr_sum (value_type, obj_arg, offset_arg);

3) And finally, is flag_use_atomic_builtins suppose to turn them off 
completely?  Right now it is passed in  to the second parameter of 
can_compare_and_swap_p, which really just says can we compare and swap 
without calling a libfunc..   so currently if the flag is 0, but there 
is native support, the call is generated anyway.   should that condition 
really be:

if (flag_use_atomic_builtins)
    <...> /* generate atomic call */


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