About gcj present and future

Ernesto ernesto.bascon@gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 05:26:00 GMT 2013


I'm new on this mailing list and new to gcj and I find it fascinating.
I have several questions about gcj present and future:

1. Are there new developments on it? Support for Java 7 language new
features? (like automatic resource management or the new List<>()
diamond constructors?)

2. I installed it in a Xubuntu linux box and Swing works fine on it,
but in Mac OS X Swing simply does not work. Is any Mac related work on

3. I read somewhere that gcj is in "active maintenance mode". Does
that mean that we can trust it will be available in next versions of
gcc? Or is there some plan to discontinue it? I want to start an app
on it and I would want to know it will be available for several years
now (CNI interface is a very amazing piece of technology).


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