Which library implementation to use/work on?

Andrew Hughes ahughes@redhat.com
Wed Mar 14 12:31:00 GMT 2012

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> > Can you provide details please?
> It's missing the usePattern method.

Ok.  This still seems to be missing in GNU Classpath (quoteReplacement was
added recently) but it looks trivial to implement.  I'll have a look myself
later today.

> > How is this dead?
> My mistake. I was looking at the website which does not appear to
> have
> been updated (or talk about new releases) since 2009:
> http://www.gnu.org/software/classpath/
> It's the one that's linked from the GCJ page.

Yes, that's because the page only lists releases and there hasn't been one in
a while.  We are on the verge of 0.99; the work is done, but we're currently
stalled on GNU project admin issues in uploading the tarball :-(  I'm working
on merging 0.99 into gcj right now.

It's always a good idea to check the mailing lists of a project before posting.

> > It would help if you did a little research before making such
> > claims.
> Well, that's what I'm doing right now :-)

Ah good!  It just comes across a little offensive to call a project dead when
people are actively working on it :-)

> What I'm really after is CNI. I'll check out the latest classpath and
> take a look at how hard it'd be to implement the missing methods.

For CNI, you will need gcj.  Keep an eye on java-patches@gcc.gnu.org for the latest
Classpath code being merged in.


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