Almost successfull compiling GCJ, however..

Jonathan Wakely
Wed Mar 7 09:23:00 GMT 2012

On 7 March 2012 02:41, Me Myself and I wrote:
> I am configuring in an empty directory.  What I mean to say
> is that gen-fib is in the source directory, having gone download_prerequisites
> inside the source directory.

gen-fib is created IN THE BUILD DIRECTORY, it should not be in the
source directory.

So you have been building in the source directory. Delete it all and
start again with clean directories.

> So is there any further idea why obj/gmp/fib_table.h is blank,

Possibly because your source directory has been fouled up by building
in it, then building elsewhere, and who knows what else.

Delete it all and start again. Delete the source directories, delete
the build directory, unpack the GCC tarball again into an empty
directory, then run ./contrib/download_prerequisites again, then
create a new empty build directory, then configure.

> and my make doesn't seem to want to finish?

Because fib_table.h is empty.  It can't finish without it, surely that
much is obvious.

> [and by the way, do I still have to use --with-gmp=, --with-mpfr=, with-mpc==
>  if download_prerequisites have put them all in sub directories inside
> the source code directory anyway?]

No!  I've already told you that.

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