[PATCH] [JAVA] patch for Java on RTEMS

Jie Liu lj8175@gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 17:00:00 GMT 2011


For the previous analysis "libjava patches for RTEMS"[1], there are 6
cases need to pay more attention. PR18699, TLtest, Thread_Interrupt,
Thread_Sleep_2, Throw_2 and bclink.

After add patch to bdwgc for RTEMS pthread support[2]:
PR18699                PASS after Modify       [A bug in boehm-gc on
RTEMS, not related to libjava]
TLtest                    PASS
Thread_Interrupt      PASS

For the other 3 cases:
Thread_Sleep_2      PASS                       [After add patch to rtems]
Throw_2                 PASS                       [After add patch to
libjava, still need some work][3]
bclink                    UnSupport
[-findirect-dispatch do not support in this case]

I think it's time to send out the patch for review, because it may
need much time to modify. The patch is attached.

How to mark those unsupported cases as expected failures on *-*-rtems* ?


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