PATCH: boehm-gc breakage between binutils 2.16.1 and 2.17 on FreeBSD [7.2]

Loren James Rittle
Thu Sep 3 17:01:00 GMT 2009

In article <>, Andrew Haley<> writes:

>> 2009-08-31  Loren J. Rittle  <>
>> * dyn_load.c (HAVE_DL_ITERATE_PHDR): Break definition from use.
>> Define for FreeBSD 7.0+.

> This is fine.  It's definitely best to use dl_iterate_phdr where it works.
> I presume that you've checked moving the definition of HAVE_DL_ITERATE_PHDR
> doesn't break other systems.


Since you asked, I have now tested on: i686-pc-linux-gnu [Fedora Core
release 3 (Heidelberg)] while also ensuring that glibc check passed
(since I don't know glibc version history very well).

Committed.  Suggest that other non-linux/non-glibc platform
maintainers check whether they can also enable HAVE_DL_ITERATE_PHDR.


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