Can gcj be a Java front-end for llvm as well?

Sun Oct 18 22:15:00 GMT 2009

Mark Wielaard wrote:
> When gcj/gcc produces sub-optimal code wouldn't it make more sense to
> just fix gcj? Can you give some examples of such code?

It does make sense to fix gcj and gcc.
However, since gcj only connects to gcc for code generation, it can also 
serve as a java frontend for llvm.
llvm obviously needs Java frontend (just like frontends for other common 
languages). And why to redevelop it from scratch, if gcj is almost a 
perfect fit?

I can't give a particular example of performance here now. But pretty 
much every time when I compiled large (c++) project with llvm I got 
better runtime compared to gcc. Usually 10-20%.

I don't try to put blame on gcc here. I am just saying that the more 
uses gcj finds the better.


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