NPE in parser->getDOMImplementation() with CNI

Andrew Haley
Tue Jun 23 10:45:00 GMT 2009

Chris Burdess wrote:
> Andrew Haley wrote:
>> Sam Ruby wrote:
>>> Generating a header file for javax::xml::xpath::XPathExpression produces
>>> a file that looks like the following:
>>> Attempting to include this file produces:
>>> headers/javax/xml/xpath/XPathExpression.h:16: error: expected identifier
>>> before ‘namespace’
>>> headers/javax/xml/xpath/XPathExpression.h:42: error: expected identifier
>>> before ‘namespace’
>>> headers/javax/xml/xpath/XPathExpression.h:42: error: expected ‘,’ or
>>> ‘...’ before ‘namespace’
>>> Presumably somebody has encountered this before, and there is an obvious
>>> solution...
>> Some genius (?) has a namespace called "namespace" :-)
> That would be Sun. And in Java "namespace" is not a keyword so it's a
> perfectly legal package name.
>> I think you'll have to edit the header file by hand.
> Should this not be handled by some automatic munging/unmunging in
> gcjh/gcj? It may prove to be a problem in other places where names are
> not keywords in Java but might be in C/C++/whatever.

Yes, that's right.

gjavah does have code to handle this, but it isn't being called.

Here, in is where the package names are emitted:

    // Open new parts.
    for (int j = commonIndex; j < pkgParts.length; ++j)
        indent(out, j + 1);
        out.print("namespace ");

This line should be


but there are many places where identifiers are emitted but getCxxName is
not called.  This is very odd: for correctness, getCxxName must be called
whenever an identifier is emitted.


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