Howto: Profiling GCJ code?

Bryce McKinlay
Mon Jun 22 22:50:00 GMT 2009

On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 8:25 PM, Patrick Schäfer<> wrote:
> thank you for the help!
> oprofiler is quite troublesome to build on my mac os x as there a lots of
> libraries missing. currently "bfd" (-lbfd) is missing.
> therefor I am still not sure if java.nio is the main reason for the
> performance bottleneck but apache mina is also capable of using APR as a
> transport layer (instead of java.nio).  that could improve overall
> performance too.

oprofile requires explicit kernel support to work, and as far as I
know, it only works on Linux.

In OS X you could try Shark, which comes with Apple's developer tools.
I don't know how well it plays with libgcj, but it's probably worth a


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