Compiling project using apache mina fails

Andrew Haley
Mon Jun 8 20:23:00 GMT 2009

Patrick Schäfer wrote:
>> If I had a way to look at what was happening I'd just have a look.
> thank you for helping again!
>> I don't know what class the Socket belongs to.  At the call to
>> Socket.getLocalSocketAddress, do something like
>>  println(socket)
>>  println(socket.getClass())
> those two calls result in:
> println(socket) =>
> [addr=/,port=4711,localport=-1]
> println(socket.getClass()) => class
> The foreign port and ip-address have been set correctly. but the
> localport is definitely wrong.
> The connection is established on the other machine though. maybe this
> port is not stored inside NIOSocket?

Could be.  OK, I now have a better idea what's happening.  I'll have a
look tomorrow.


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