Using libgcj with different memory management library.

Andrew Haley
Mon Jun 8 09:45:00 GMT 2009

abhishek desai wrote:
>> I don't understand how this can work.  The gc is a memory manager; how
>> can it use some other memory manager to do its own work?  You'll have
>> to explain a little more.
> From what I understand GC uses GC_unix_get_mem to allocate memory
> which calls mmap on /dev/zero on my system. This memory is managed by
> GC for object allocation and also for GC internal working. I hope this
> is correct. What I want to do is replace the mmap with my_malloc call
> which will return a pointer to the allocated memory. my_malloc will
> allocate memory from an internal fixed memory pool.

That will work fine.


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