GCC 4.3.3 Status Report (2009-01-17), branch frozen for release

Richard Guenther rguenther@suse.de
Fri Jan 16 23:03:00 GMT 2009

It's not my turn to send a status report, but as I plan doing a release
candidate for GCC 4.3.3 soon I thought a status report for that would
be in order.


The GCC 4.3 branch is now frozen in preparation for a release candidate
for the GCC 4.3.3 release.  When the branch is unfrozen again I will
send a message stating so.  All checkins to the branch require approval
by a release manager now.

There is a single regression that shows up as P1, but as it is not
a regression on the branch (but from the tree-ssa merge) it does not
block the GCC 4.3.3 release (but the bug priority is considered the priority
for the newest release the bug is a regression for).

I am not aware of any issues blocking an immediate release of GCC 4.3.3.
Please make me aware of such issues by replying to this mail and/or
by CCing me on bugzillas that are regressions on the GCC 4.3 branch
but are not marked as such (a regression on the GCC 4.3 branch is a
bug with a testcase that worked in a previous GCC 4.3 based release
but fails on the top of the GCC 4.3 branch).

Quality Data

Priority          #     Change from Last Report
--------        ---     -----------------------
P1                1     -  4
P2              137     +  7
P3                2     -  1
--------        ---     -----------------------
Total           140     +  2

The next status report will be sent by me.


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