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Thu Jun 19 16:58:00 GMT 2008

--- On Thu, 6/19/08, Ben Gardiner <> wrote:

> I had this crash with 4.3.0 cross compiled for powerpc; the
> crash 
> occurred only when I statically linked my executable with 
> -static-libgcj. It turned out to be a missing resource. To
> fix this 
> problem, I created an archive that had all the
> *properties*.o objects 
> from libgcj.a (I called it libgcj_properties.a) and linked
> it with my 
> application using '-Wl,--whole-archive -lgcj_properties
> -Wl,--no-whole-archive' before the
> '-static-libgcj'.
> If you're not familiar with using 'ar' to
> extract and pack object files 
> I'd be happy to send you an example.
Ben, I thanks you if you can send me an example.
I'm not familiary with gcj and hope with your help to solve the problem.

>From this problem I imagine that other resouce are not included: do you know other class similar to this?

Another comment for all: if it is a know problem why is not provided an "official" library of proprietary resource?



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