ecj1 in cross-compile

David Daney
Wed Jun 11 16:32:00 GMT 2008

Andrew Haley wrote:
> Matthijs van de Water wrote:
>> I've got my GCC 4.3 toolchain working ok now, but for some reason I
>> fail to get an ecj1 binary.
>> I'm cross-compiling for ARM and I've tried --with-ecj-jar=XXX (which
>> doesn't result in an ecj1) and also tried putting ecj.jar in my build
>> dir (which complains about a missing java compiler).
>> I must be doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what.
>> I expect an i686 ecj1 binary to be compiled from the ecj-latest.jar
>> that I download in my build. Preferably standalone, like the Ubuntu
>> one.
>> The build machine doesn't have an i686 GCJ or JAVAC installed, is that
>> a problem?
>> What am I missing?
> I don't know how you think this is going to work.  ecj1 is a Java program
> and thus it needs some sort of Java runtime library.  You are going to need
> an i686 gcj installed.  

That's right.  It is a new requirement for GCC-4.3 cross compilers.
Either install a native build of gcj/libgcj in your PATH, or as Andrew
suggested use the little shell script to invoke the jar file.

You have to be careful though, if you may not always want a native
GCC-4.3 in your PATH, perhaps only when invoking the cross compiler.
You could just copy or link the native ecj1 to the cross compiler bin

David Daney

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