Missing gij in cross-compile

Ben Gardiner BenGardiner@nanometrics.ca
Tue Jun 10 14:20:00 GMT 2008

Andrew Haley wrote:
> When I "make" in libcgj in a cross-compiled environment I
> don't get a gij binary.
> ...
> Do you have any idea why gij should not be built?
I don't know if it should be built or not. But it is not being built 
because bin_PROGRAMS in Makefile.am is only set for a native build.

## For now, only on native systems.  FIXME.
bin_PROGRAMS = jv-convert gij grmic grmiregistry gcj-dbtool \
        gappletviewer gjarsigner gkeytool gjar gcjh gjavah gnative2ascii \
        gorbd grmid gserialver gtnameserv gc-analyze

## It is convenient to actually build and install the default database
## when gcj-dbtool is available.
dbexec_DATA = $(db_name)

> Also, where should the resulting binary be placed in the install tree?
Since gij would execute on the target, I think it should go into the 
sysroot/bin folder, I think the default would be /usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/bin.


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