problem with GCJ while running java code

Andrew Haley
Wed Feb 20 11:33:00 GMT 2008

gforgcc wrote:
> Andrew Haley wrote:
>> You're picking up the assembler for your host machine, not the
>> cross-assembler
>> for your target.
>> When you run configure, make sure that your target binutils are in the
>> PATH.
>> Alternatively, you can use --with-ld=, --with-as=, etc.
>> The output of configure will tell you which ld, as, etc. it's using.  Make
>> sure
>> these are the target versions.
>> Andrew.
> oh.. ya thanks for that info Andrew...:)
> and again it is giving some other problems...
> i configured --with-ld=<ld in the rootfs-f8 usr/bin/ folder> i.e.
> --with-ld=/home/developer/downloads/rootfs-f8/usr/bin/ld
> and similarly for --with-as --with-ar --with-nm too..... 

Eh?  Surely those versions won't run on the host machine.  These are
for the target.

> during the time of compilation after sometime it tells 
> /scratchbox/tools/bin/misc_runner: /targets/links/scratchbox.config: No such
> file or directory :(
> (is this because i am running outside scratchbox ?)
> and when i tried running inside scratchbox it is telling 
> /lib/ not found... 

Is the root fs you built the x-compiler with the same as the root
fs you're running on?


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