problem with GCJ while running java code

Andrew Haley
Thu Feb 14 14:34:00 GMT 2008

gforgcc wrote:
> Andrew Haley wrote:
>> I recently finished the work to port gcj to ARM.  It was on
>> the new ARM EABI, not the "old" one (which is what I think you have).
>> gcc 4.0.1 may or may not work with gcj.  Sorry.
>> Andrew.
> oh.. Great andrew... :) thanks again for the valuable info..
> and can u please detail it """ what is new ARM EABI and what is OLD""" ?

That's why I posted the link.

> is there something wrong in my configuring options ? or the only problem is
> GCC verison i am using ? or some any other reasons ?

I have no way to know.

> and will you please suggest me what version of GCC can i cross compile for
> ARM architecture to get GCJ (cross compiled) to be working...

Top of trunk, i.e.

Get it with

svn co

> i.e. if i compile my java code using cross compiled GCJ (which will generate
> the executable for ARM) .. the executable should give the output.....
> Please give me some links or share your knowledge regarding how to Cross
> compile GCJ for ARM with working version specifications and configuring
> options... 

Cross compiling for ARM Linux is easy.  Here's how to do it on
Fedora 8.

You already have a cross-linker, assembler, etc.  Make sure they're
in your path.

and unpack it:

cd /local/x-arm-gcc/rootfs-f8
tar xf ~/rootfs-f8.tar.bz2

In the top level directory of the gcc source, do:


Build gcc in a clean directory with --with-sysroot= pointing at your ARM
root filesystem:

/home/aph/gcc/trunk/configure --prefix=/local/x-arm-gcc/install \
--with-sysroot=/local/x-arm-gcc/rootfs-f8 --disable-libssp --disable-libgomp \
--disable-libmudflap --enable-libgcj --disable-bootstrap --disable-multilib \
--disable-static --disable-sjlj-exceptions --target=arm-linux-gnueabi --enable-languages=c,c++,java


make install

This should work equally well for Debian, etc.  You can use the root FS
from any ARM EABI Linux system.

Testing, first compiling on the x86 host:

$ /local/x-arm-gcc/install/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-gcj  --main=Hello

And then running on the target, with the a.out we just made:

$ ./a.out
Hello, World!


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