TROUBLE with gcj 4.1.1 for arm-wince-pe

Craig Vanderborgh
Wed Dec 31 16:43:00 GMT 2008

Hello and Happy New Year!

I am trying to bring up gcj 4.1.1 for arm-wince-pe, using binutils
2.18.50.  So far C, C++, and the binutils all seem to be working well
for arm-wince-pe (Windows CE 5 and Windows Mobile 5/6).  The problems
I'm having are with our older libgcj.

After taking a close look at libgcj/classpath 4.1.1, I decided to try
to reuse our older libgcj that's derived from gcc-3.3.  This version
of libgcj has many fixes and enhancements we added, but more
importantly - its use results in much smaller executables.

Porting our old libgcj-3.3 to the new 4.1.1 toolchain was a pretty
straightforward affair.  Most of the compilation problems I had to fix
were due to illegal access of private class members and so on.  After
a few days of porting work, I had our libgcj-3.3 compiling under

Then all hell broke loose.  The linked test programs (e.g. run, but crash early on in _Jv_CreateJavaVM.  An
examination of the situation shows that Java classes seen from the C++
code (e.g. in,, and so on) are
really messed up.  In one case, with java.lang.reflect.Modifier, I
observed that invoking the method Modifier.isAbstract(int) from C++


results in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT METHOD being invoked.

It's so screwed up that I am completely lost and need some input.  Is
there some *elemental* reason why I can't port libgcj-3.3 to
gcj-4.1.1?  Do I have to change some things in the gcj 4.1.1 compiler
build to do this?  Where should I look?  I am deadly serious about
seeing this effort through to completion, please try to ease the
suffering on this end if you possibly can.

Thanks in advance,
Craig Vanderborgh
Voxware Incorporated

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