libjava and raw_cxx

Paolo Bonzini
Fri Dec 12 16:57:00 GMT 2008

Andreas Schwab wrote:
> Why is the libjava directory configured with raw_cxx?
> Makefile.def:151:target_modules = { module= libjava; raw_cxx=true; };
> The problem with this is that it keeps the libtool test for dynamic
> linker characteristics from working properly, due to the undefined
> reference to __gxx_personality_v0 which is defined in libstdc++.

If we weren't using libtool, it would be better to eliminate this and
instead special case the linker in libjava's Makefile.

But using libtool, it is basically a catch-22 (you need C++ in
configure, but then C++ goes in the libtool script, and then you cannot
eliminate it from the makefile).

If it bothers you (does it cause a PR?), I think it's easiest to define
a cache variable somewhere so that the test is forced to pass.  Anyway
you know you do not need to build C++ executables (only Java) in libjava.


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